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NORMAN GILLER The Morning After The Night Before

… Borussia Dortmund 3, Tottenham 0

In this calm after the storm, can I just quietly make the point that when watching a game of football you should try to watch BOTH teams. Spurs last night came up against an exceptional footballing machine, far superior to any side in the Premier League. It was a privilege to watch some of Dortmund’s passing and positioning.

I found myself getting involved in silly spats with one-eyed people who would not acknowledge that Dortmund were magnificent. Everybody was tossing out names of players who should or should not have been on the pitch, without any knowledge whether they were physically or mentally up for the game. 

Yes, Poch chose to play several second-choice players. That’s his call as a manager, and you have to accept he knows better than any of us the condition of his squad members. Just suppose he had played his No 1 team, you honestly think the result would have been different? If so, put yourself down as one-eyed. 

In the last week I have watched Dortmund, Barcelona, PSG and Real Madrid. They are on another planet, and those who keep trumpeting that the Premier League is the best in the world need to examine their judgement.

Think how psychologically damaged we and the players would have been this morning if it was the first-choice team that had taken that thrashing. Poch knew what he was doing. Now for Villa and Bournemouth, two vital games for which the No 1 players will be fresh and hungry. Trust in Pochettino and watch BOTH sides.

One last thing, it was totally irresponsible of BT’s co-commentator Mr Savage to continually carry on about: “If I was a Spurs supporter I would be disgusted that he has picked this second rate team …”

It’s his job to find out WHY Pochettino chose to pick that side, and he would have come up with perfectly valid reasons.

Mr Savage’s performances as a player are too fresh in the memory for his tactical views to be taken seriously. Pochettino was twice as good, and he didn’t take prisoners either.

In Pochettino we trust.

Ps Do you or anybody you know have 1966 World Cup memories for inclusion in a book I am writing called JULY 30 1966, Football’s Longest Day.

Full detail here:

Thank you. COYS



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